Nougat de Montélimar praline from David Van Acker. Select your chocolate box size between 6, 12 or 18 pralines.

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This chocolate, one of his signatures, is made from one of the best nougat in the world: the nougat from Montélimar, in France.

David Van Acker adds crushed nougat to bring a crunchy twist to the praline, before coating it with milk chocolate for a perfect pairing.

Ingredients and allergens: Almonds, honey, egg albumen, vanilla, glucose, sugar, milk powder, soya lecithin, cocoa butter, cocoa.

6 pralines


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Storage It is recommended not to put the chocolates in the fridge. The ideal is to keep them between 15 and 18 degrees in a dry place.
Did you know? The chocolate becomes white when it undergoes a strong temperature variation (more than 7 degrees). Nevertheless, this does not alter the taste.
Net weight +/- 60 g, 120 g or 180 g for 6, 12 or 18 pralines

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